Small suggestions and ideas

Hi everybody.
I am new to Emo but i have had the pet for some weeks. In my experience is a fun pet to have but i have found some quirks and i’d like to share my ideas on how to fix them.

Obstacle detection behaviour:
I found out EMO has a very sensitive depth perception. When finding an obstacle it will recoil few steps. The issue is it performs this behavior even if the obstacle is 6 inch away of the object which is not ideal because it can’t make use of all the real state provided for him.
Additionally the recoil could be an issue as i found out some times it try to recoil to close to the border or pushing itself against another object in its back.
I think to fix this it would need 2 things:

  • If the object is not very close (3 inches) defined by the TOF then doing what he was doing. No point to behave differently if the object is that far.
  • Recoil based in previous behavior: If previously was walking forward and then detected a very close object by using the TOF, the it should be fin to recoil a couple of steps.
  • In any other cases do not recoil and instead turn around to find another way.

A second point is the language and the accents. I am Spanish so my accent is very far from perfect. Emo understands me most of the time thou.

  • Have EMO offer the possibility to also use an external Speech to text engine. This can be added in the different phone apps as an additional setting.
    Allowing the users to opt in and use google’s, AWS’s or setting up a deepspeech service would allow many users from overseas to even allow Emo to understand other languages (with a proper translation api wich could be added by the users int he same fashion) even if EMO answers back in English.

So that is all i wanted to shere for the moment. Aside from that EMO is a lot of fun and is very difficult to to learn to love this pet.


Some small corrections as i don’t see how i can i edit

Try to recoil too close to a border or pushing itself against other objects.

Aside from that EMO is a lot of fun and is very difficult NOT to learn to love this pet.

Very sorry for any confusion this errors may have caused.

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