Site issue when logging off

Has anyone else had this problem?
If I enter this site directly, not through Emo app, when I try to close my system crashes and I have to restart my phone

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That’s a bit strange. I’ve never tried to access the site from anything other than my desktop. Just did it now from my tablet and didn’t see that issue. Not sure what could be doing it on your end. What type of phone do you have?

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Doogee S90pro…Android.

Also, I just clicked on the reply link, in the email from you and the phone shut down and suggested a full factory reset.

I am answering on laptop, using google chrome and this seems fine.

I never had a problem on the phone with this site until a week ago…but now…nightmare.

Maybe @andy can take a look at this and advise further? Andy are you able to check if anything has changed recently for Android / mobile users.