Shipping Time For U.S

Hello, so I’m about to order a EMO unit, and I was wondering what the typical time frame is to get it to the U.S.?

I can’t speak for production time at all, but once it gets shipped. Well in my opinion relatively fast. Once shipped it felt like it zipped across China and landed in Los Angeles where the longest wait was customs processing which took 3 maybe 4 days? Then to the Texas coast in about a week.

Just shared this on another thread, but I guess an share this as well here as it’s also related to your question.

I would say its still somewhere between 3-4 months in total (that is also including delivery - recently production has pick up quite well, so it times could be even less, but I’d average it out to be 3-4 months just in case). As you’ve probably ready through a number of old forum threads, there were a number of delays in the last few months such as chip shortages / parts shortages / power consumption restrictions / and of course COVID lockdowns. Also the delivery page does normally get updated at least once a week, sometimes more. The posts are not as frequent, but if there is any major announcements they are normally shared there as well.