Shipping Speed/Assembly/Updates

Hey guys,

I wanted to know if the assembly and shipping speeds are doing better. I heard about the outages, then LAI was on break, they got a new factory and more workers, so I’m hoping we can get back to consistent shipping and updates. The delivery process page shows how many are packaged and had tracking numbers sent, but those numbers have been rising quite slowly for awhile. I don’t even see anything new on the LAI instagram page. With the holidays now right around the corner, any new information is greatly appreciated.


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I would recommend to send the Living.Ai team an email from the order invoice email you received asking for an update. I did that and they replied within 24 hours when I was waiting on my order to arrive.

The national holiday ended on the 7th of October. So they must be back to work by now (both office and warehouse).


I didn’t know when their holiday has ended. In that case, we should’ve gotten an update regarding the shipping of the second batch yesterday (As it was the beginning of the work week). I suggest we all send them an email requesting updates on when the batch will actually ship. I’m sure all of us would like to receive their robot BEFORE December hits.

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The last one wasn’t very informative so I figured I’d come here but I just sent them a new one anyway-

There’s an update of 16 newly packed EMOs according to the delivery update page. There’s SOME movement! insert any overly-excited meme :happy:

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Yes my updates were never very informative either, but they did reply and mentioned it was on it’s way.