Shipping Insurance

My package is lost in the mail. USPS shows it went from California in January to Florida (where I live) and then back to California. The tracking has remained unchanged for 3.5 weeks. I can’t file a claim with USPS because i don’t have proof of insurance. No one from this company is responding to me and i don’t know what to do. Please help!

I already tried to summon Wayne Zhang in another thread. Please don’t open new threads about the same problem, it’s hard to keep the continuity of responses. You shouldn’t deal with the shipping company, it’s Living AI’s problem.

Sorry, i was worried that the other thread was old may be ignored at this point

Have you raised a ticket using their official ticket request form? Product Support - EMO - LivingAi

Using the forum to get the right persons attention can be rather hit and miss, using a ticket is the best way.

What’s that? I have submitted multiple missing mail requests on USPS’s website

You shouldn’t have to do it yourself, should be following it up, and if required send you a replacement EMO if the other one is deemed lost.

However, you must submit an official ticket to get the ball rolling.

As I said, you shouldn’t deal with the shipping company. You need to communicate with Living AI.

They have been making me deal with it all this time. They told me months ago that they won’t do anything until it’s “missing” per the post office. They made me submit the missing mail requests and have refused to help locate it or contact the post office. The most they have done was provide me the shipper’s name and address to submit on the missing mail requests. They ignored me when i started emailing again this week being for their help. However, i did finally get the following response from them this morning:

“Don’t worry, we’ve submitted information for the courier to investigate. I will get back to you once they reply. If the package is confirmed to be lost, we will resend a new one for you.”

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