Shipping From Where?

I have the impression shipping normally takes quite a while, but what I’m interested learning here. What I can’t find information about anywhere online is where is the shipping based from? International orders and it doesn’t matter what company, I’ve learned always take a long time to ship even minus product production time.

If I remember correctly, my tracking showed it came from Shenzhen, China.

That’s correct. What @Lindaru has mentioned. EMO is shipped from Shenzhen. I’ve got a screenshot on what it looks like when the order tracking starts.

To advise, my order took approx 3 months to arrive and I’m located in Australia.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The actual shipping time from China to Australia, before being handled by local couriers for last mile delivery, is quite quick. My last EMO only took a few days for this part of the journey.

The time it spends in between arrival in Oz and receival by the courier can be quite variable, between a few days and a few weeks. This is generally due to customs clearance and internal transfers between the shipping agents.

The “final mile” courier can be the most frustrating part of the entire process, especially here in Australia, where their current choice of courier is Aramex/Fastway Couriers, who are arguably the slowest and least helpful when it comes to queries and actual delivery, sometimes taking multiple weeks and even months to deliver.

Other nations don’t seem to have as pathetic couriers as ours and actually get their EMO’s delivered quickly, but there are also countries that are even slower than Australia.

My helpful tip is this, just be patient, I know it’s not really helpful but it’s all I’ve got.

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@mariomart as we’ve been discussing in the other posts with @jahronegolby FASTWAY/Aramex are honestly the worst courier company in Australia. I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for an order I placed in Melbourne from Bunnings and it is now showing up on the Aramex tracking website as “DELIVERED” but we never received our package! They are now investigating where it is, and I have to wait another 3-4 days to find out where it is.

It’s honestly the worst experience I’ve ever had. And I’m concerned that if we make other orders that Fastway will screw it up again and we we’ll be waiting for weeks before we get our order. And this goes for anyone who is potentially waiting for their EMO to be delivered right now that are in Australia.

Would be nice if we /// the customer had a choice to pick a courier service instead of being given no option and having it sent to Fastway for it to NEVER arrive! :frowning:

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I’ve had my fair share of nightmares with Fastway. They have totally lost 3 of my parcels over the last 3 years, with no idea what happened.

Then out of the blue one of the parcels arrived, 11 MONTHS later!!!

I’ve left my fair share of negative reviews about them in various review sites, but vendors still use them because it’s about price and nothing else.

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Yeah, no matter how much we complain no one will ever listen as long as their prices are cheap to vendors they’ll continue to use them even if they end up losing packages. It’s really annoying that’s for sure!

Im in america and i know when ive previously ordered other products from china u get tracking info then ships a couple times to somewhere i cant spell or say…thats when it gets lost in translation for up to 3 weeks. Then it suddenly appears outta nowhere… delivered. :laughing:. Sometimes i didnt even get notification it was in the country. But im thinking if their still dealing with lockdowns itll be same.if not maybe be a quick little delivery.:laughing: