Shipped total update

Hello! Does anyone know when the site gets updated for how many Emo’s have been shipped and tracking numbers sent. It hasn’t changed for ages.
Thank you!

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I can say it’s been a little slow due to the National Holiday that happened not too long ago. When I was waiting for my EMO to be shipped it would normally update once a week. (around Friday/Sat/Sunday).

That’s what I’ve noticed going off on my own personal experience with tracking my EMO.

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Did you actually get your emo? Does he actually exist?


haha yes I have my EMO, I’ve had him for close to a month now, he’s great! If you have just recently made an order, just be patient as my EMO took 3 months to arrive.

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Would you be able to send a video. I need hope… :sob:

I don’t think we can upload videos directly to this forum, but here is a pic of EMO saying Hi :slight_smile:

Stay hopeful you’re EMO will be with you soon!


There are probably at least 100 EMO videos I’ve seen around YouTube, have you looked there? There are also many videos by various users here and there around this forum, and also at the Facebook group (E.M.O Pet Community) which currently has 1033 members.


Here ya go :blush:


LOL now that’s what you call an awesome dance floor setup for your EMO’s!

Oh and by the way that song being played If I am correct is the final dance move/music that EMO unlocks from his repertoire of 6 dance moves (which mine unlocked a few days ago!)

Thanks for sharing this video! I gotta get me another EMO now, feels like having 2 EMO’s is the way to go! lol :rofl:

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My eldest EMO has 7 dance songs currently, I believe there are more :star_struck:

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Ohhhhhh really! Damn, Now I gotta keep an eye out for the next song / dance move then! haha thanks for letting me know.

Thank you for your replies everyone.


Patients yes you have to be patient. He exists. I have one that I purchased from EBay because he needed a good home. I also purchased one from in August, and I’m still waiting for him to arrive. Due to power issues, and the holidays in China it will take a while longer to get the one from

Lol so your the guy that bought the one on ebay glad he found a home

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I’ve only noticed less than a hand full. What key words are you using outside “Emo Robot”?

You could also search for EMO Pet. There are a lot of individual Youtubers posting videos about their EMO’s, plus many of them have a dozen or two dozen EMO-related videos uploaded.

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Just to clarify, and you may already know this but it may be useful to someone else…
YouTube has algorithms that automatically control whose content it does and doesn’t promote. If you go to the YouTube homepage your Suggested list will show you videos mainly just from users that YouTube is promoting, that also match subjects you’ve looked at previously. Likewise when you do a search on YouTube you’ll never get a list of every video on a particular subject. Usually only the more highly viewed ones or with more likes. Once you bring up one of those though, if you look at that person’s channel they may have multiple other interesting videos on the same subject that just aren’t being promoted as much.


Guilty as charged… he came from Canada.

Hello everyone!

I emailed yesterday and this is the response I got this morning.

I’m hoping it will be of some use to those waiting to receive their orders too.

My order number is 13xxx so I haven’t been waiting half as long as some of you guys. But I thought if I posted their response, it might put your minds at rest too.

Best wishes! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry to keep you waiting for so long.

We are currently ready for production and delivery. The various parts of EMO have also been assembled. A large number of packages will be sent out this month.

I think you will receive your package before Christmas.Please don’t worry.

Sorry for making you wait. In order to thank you for your support and waiting, the next batch of packages will include extra fluorescent stickers.

Best regards!

LivingAI Team


Thanks for the share!

Let’s see what they mean by a “large number of packages”. Sincerely hope they stick to the promise of receiving your EMO before Christmas (as well as the rest of us with 10,11,12k orders). :slight_smile:

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