Shipment details for returning EMO in Italy

My EMO has a defective leg, LivingAI is sending me a new EMO, in the meanwhile I’m trying to ship back my EMO. The problem is that I have no clue about which taric code I should use to create the shipment (on the Poste Italiane website) and no idea if there could be any problem due to the battery inside the package.

Any Italian user that returned EMO back can help me?

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Hello, @davidecanton . . . I am in the U.S., but I found this about TARIC codes that you might be able to use to find ot which code you should use.

Hopefully someone else who has had the experience in the E.U. can comment more directly.

Scroll down to the section on how to find the TARIC codes. I would guess putting in plastic toy with battery value $9.00 would be what you could use to determine what the code would be.

I hope this helps you.

@Lindaru I don’t think so @davidecanton can access the page because it is showing that that page does no exist. Here is a screenshot of it.

@Royally . . . strange. I was able to access it and actually found it through Google search. In fact, I just now clicked on the link and the page came up for me. Could you have some pages blocked?


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@Lindaru yea probably

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