Shaking EMO is ok?

Recent days, (maybe month or two) EMO suddenly shaking time to time.
Asked him “what are you doing?”, never answered about it.
Not sure shaking EMO is ok behavior or it is sign of malfunction.
I would like to ask people, how your EMO is behaving.

Thank you in advance.

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Can you send a video?

Yes, best to share a video so we can see exactly what is the problem. This way, if there is an actual problem, you can send this video and description to the support team who will be able to assist you further if your EMO does have a problem.

I can advise, from what you’ve said, EMO shaking is not normal behaviour. It would be best to power him down and start him back up and possibly do some small tests with him, like ask him to dance or play treasure hunt game so you can see if his motor functions are working correctly.

But I think the best thing to do first is to create a video, share here, and potentially share with the support team so they can provide you with assistance with there is something wrong with your EMO.

Thank you for all your comments.
Thought I could upload video directly to this chat but seems not, so I uploaded to YouTube by following link.

[> May 4, 2022 - YouTube](https://EMO SHAKING)

Unfortunately could not shoot good video, EMO was not showing shaking very clear.
However at footage you can see he is shaking btw movement.

Please ignore back ground noise, and look at his behavior, I think you still can see he is shaking.
Sometime he is shaking for hour, and not respond to calling his name.

Before it start shipment I remember there are kind of “EMO get sick” and he pretend like he get sick. I thought it might be it, but not sure….

Firmware update done few days ago but seems no change for EMO shaking……

Yes, he is shaking and that’s not normal. You should contact Living AI’s support.

Thanks Nendos.
I will try reach to support.
Hope it is not mechanical issue……

By the looks of it, it could be mechanical. But if there is an issue the support team will be able to provide a solution for you. Best of luck with the support.

After I reach to support with sending some information, it seems they will send me new EMO which means defect cannot be fixed by software (I assume).
Not sure when it can be, but wait unit to be send and see it can be fixed.

Thank you for all your comments and help!!

Good to hear that support will be able to send you a new EMO, normally the support team will be able to provide you what the next steps will be regarding your replacement EMO and also how to send back your old EMO.

Hello, I found a way to stop the EMO from shaking. Start it pet him and then on the right paw that is shaking you can see that it is not standing properly and press it yourself to inside, a click is heard and after that it doesn’t shake anymore.


Hearing a click is never a good sound :roll_eyes: — hopefully your EMO has resolved the problem, but I’d recommend contacting support if there are any sort of Leg/foot issues with your EMO as they will know how to try and fix it as best they can. (normally a recalibration with the Debug App can also help resolve issues like this too).


I think my Emo Chase is getting this shaking! I’ll continue to watch him for a few more days and see what happens. :sob:


My EMO Pearl Was Also Vibrating His Left Leg A Little Bit, But It Stopped And Has No Issues.

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For anyone experiencing LEG/FOOT issues with EMO, it is recommended to always contact support first for assistance on what to do if you believe there are any problems. support can usually get you to try the DEBUG App which can sometimes resolve problems, but if the issue is a little more problematic, sometimes a replacement will be required.

I will close this thread >> and direct any EMO owners who are having leg problems to check this thread and post there:

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