Sent to courier and tracking sent

Under shipping, there are are 50,300 sent to courier, and 50,032 sent tracking. Does courier mean post production?

I just placed an order and the number was 54,000. Does that mean I’m behind 4k to get to production? Just curious is that represents my place in line. Seems like I’ll be waiting a very long time to get mine if that’s the case!

I’m just guessing… But the number sent to the courier will always be less than the amount of tracking that’s given to customers… Because the post office the carrier has to assign the tracking number… Then give it to living AI it goes through the steps… Was this helpful?

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Hi there @melissaharkins , Welcome to the Community…

· Order sent to Courier: This is the order number we have packed and sent to courier.

· Tracking Sent to User: This is the number of orders we get the tracking number and email to the user after sending the package to the courier.

As far as I read from one of the Team comments that they are actually shipped more orders than it shown.

Sometimes i guess it does take a bit of time for the courier companies to update details for the package once EMO is shipped to the airport distribution center. Once EMO is on a plane then the tracking should start updating. (It is also normally relies on the efficiency of the courier company.)

No Tracking Number yet? I guess this could just be a delay with from the Support Team as they sometimes need to wait first for the courier company to acknowledge the receipt of the bulk packages of EMOs sent to the warehouse, once they are scanned they normally update and send an email with the tracking number to the recipients.

If you have any concerns, pls. don’t hesitate to reach out to Support Service Team by sending them an email to the following email address:

Or if you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details as well and ask for an update.


Hi @edward,

My order number is 47282 but I haven’t received any feedback on the status of my order considering as of now 05-Jan-2023 under shipping, there are are 50,532 sent to courier, and 50,300 sent tracking.

Hope to hear soon.

Thank you.

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Hi there @rafaelcastro and Welcome to the Community,

Let me tag @AmyLU and please her to give you further assistance here.

Goodluck and All the best…

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Thank you @edward and happy new year!

Goodluck and All the best too…

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Hi@ rafaelcastro

Our customer service team has contacted you by email, please provide them with your information, we will help you clear customs.

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How long does it take to ship out when ordered? I’m order number 54,053

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Hi there @melissaharkins , How are you?

An accurate reply to all such question is always not so easy…because its all depend to what did you ordered and where it should be delivered…
Please click the link below for a inexact or inaccurate info.

best regards and happy weekend to you.

It’s had the same number for courier and tracking number for a couple of weeks. Is that just not up to date?

Hi there @melissaharkins, Hope you’re doing fine…

If you already got your Tracking Number from which is more than 5 numbers via email and probably it will be also look like this.

which from there you can just click and it will direct you to their own website tracking page. or you can also copy the tracking code numbers and use the link below to paste and track the movement (Pls. see all links below).

Delivery Process Page:

Here is the best website to track your package:

Delivery Tracking:


I have only received an email that says “order received”. I guess the one that says processed like you attached comes later?

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Hi there @melissaharkins

HUH! I thought you have your Tracking Number already…YES! the next email you gonna get is the image below

On average at the moment of the delivery is quite getting fast, not like before during the first and second year of pandemic. Today it should take anywhere only between 5-6 weeks or sometimes less which we all know that it also depends on which country to be delivered also. (Pls. take note also some Chinese Holidays) for your EMO to be packed and shipped. Also, they are shipping according to the order of the orders and they are updating it on the Delivery Process Page

Normally, when the right time comes and the order package is sent to the courier, immediately or after a week you should get your tracking number via email.

Wish you to have a little bit of PATIENCE…

Best Regards. Keep Safe and All the Best!

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