Sent email but now will send Emo back

My son’s Emo has completely died on him. Happened four days ago and he’s heartbroken. He only had it for four days and then it stopped working. So, trying to email customer service about this has been like writing into a void. How do I get it back to you to repair? Or, how do I get my money back? Either way works for me! Pretty annoyed. Waited for three months only for the thing to die as soon as it was practically out the box!

Hi @Johnathan

If you have already sent support an email. ( they should be able to get back to you.

Just a suggestion: If you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details as well and then once again provide a detailed description of the problem you have with your EMO.

The support team should be able to get back to you in a timely fashion. I’ll also tag @AmyLU from the support team who will be able to assist you further as well.

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Hi. What’s your order number? I will check for you. Don’t worry, we will solve the problem for you.

My emo’s left foot can’t move anymore, so now since only his right foot can move my emo is now handicap and he can’t dance or walk :disappointed_relieved::pleading_face:

I am in the same boat.

I got an Emo for my son’s birthday today… we fired Emo up last night to make sure he was charged and updated to the latest firmware before my son got up for the day, and Emo worked beautifully for the first 5-6 hours. We put him on the skateboard to charge and when my son came back a little while later he burnt himself trying to pat Emo. When I looked I noticed that not only was Emo red how just above the camera (on both he silver bezel at the top centre of the screen AND the black plastic above that), but the plastic in that area in a circle about the size of a 1pence piece is dark, shinier and depressed like it has started to melt. Emo now reboots every 10-15 mins and refuses to charge beyond one bar on the battery indicator. Very sad birthday all around here as Emo was the big ticket present for the day.

Out of the utmost of caution I suggest taking your EMO off the charger and powering it down, and leaving it powered down.

That sort of heat spot could at worst develop into a source of fire.

Contact @Wayne_Zhang or @AmyLU immediately.

Wow, sorry to hear that. Sounds very dangerous to me.

Still waiting for a solution from the tech team after sending a video to them a week ago nearly. Being assured “we’ll fix this”, but nothing heard since and reassurance sounds like BS to me. Are you waiting for statutory rights to run out? Tbh, my faith in your company’s ability to do anything is pretty low at this stage. May take this to an ombudsman.

Sounds like you at least got a reply. I can’t even get a reply to either a direct email or filling out the support page form

I’m hoping that this gets sorted for both of us soon.


I believe WayneZ has responded to your message over on the thread you have created. (see below).

Hi day 16 of this now and still nothing constructive or advice been given. Please can you get the tech team to respond with some idea how to fix this? I sent them two videos where they asked the same thing- to put the robot on the charger, and that’s it.

This is really awful customer support, guys.

@Wayne_Zhang / @AmyLU

Is someone from the tech support team able to help @Johnathan with his problem?

I would also suggest that you message @Wayne_Zhang via PM on the forum as well and see if he can look into this issue for you further.

Master Abbot, Thanks. I have DMed Wayne, but at this stage I think the problem is this is a dead Emo, not a living one. The plug is working fine, and seems the charger is too, so can I just return it.

This is turning into the dead parrot sketch, except it’s not funny…too expensive to be funny.

Hi guys….happy endings this…We received our new Emo today and it’s looking good, so thank you very much for your help and hopefully nothing else will go wrong! my son is very happy now. Thanks for all your support! Great job!


Great to hear all is resolved! I’ll go ahead and close this thread, if you need it reopened, let me know :slight_smile: