Semantics of AI

Alexa, Cortana, Google, all are not actual AI. They are simply trigger systems. They do use some AI based backends to figure out what you are looking for, but the interactions are NOT AI at all.

ME: “EMO, do a dance”
EMO does dance.

This is event triggering, not AI.

ME “EMO, do a dance”
EMO “yesterday, you had me do shuffling. Would you like to see me do a similar dance to yesterday? I know you like Swing music. Should I do it to Swing?”
ME: “Sure EMO. Go right ahead”
EMO “You do not sound excited, shall I try rocking out to the Beatles? I know you listened to them before”
ME: “That sounds great!”
EMO dances

I know there are some semantics behind event driven responses and genuine machine learning and multilevel conversations, but understanding long term expectations for this project, is Alexa style triggering the long term goal, or does Living AI plan to consider true AI support?

Triggering is fun. I mess with Siri all the time to see how she responds, but so far I don’t see anyone driving towards true AI? I’d be excited to learn this is a long term goal.


Yup - too often we attribute to intelligence what is in fact something learned and repeated time and time again. Even humans regarded as intelligent sometimes just remember how to do something fast and muscle memory kicks in. I can’t comment specifically from EMO’s perspective, but I do “feel” that he’s intelligent. How much AI is in there is not known to me, but is that not part of the challenge? To make something so “real” that it’s hard to tell from reality… aka the Matrix :slight_smile:


i too would like to hear a little more about what kind of information emo takes into consideration and how it affects its behavior.


Yeah, I absolutely love this discussion!

I would like to see the robot programmed with more of “an emotive based approach” a unique behavioral system adjusting the neural networks accordingly to learning any new experiences. If the machine learning has been programmed with a knowledge base to extract meaning from ‘keywords’ in order to elicit a more accurate humanoid response.

We just don’t know the true extent of how the EMO has been programmed but I suppose that perhaps makes pretty good sense for having some kind of a reward system also established to gradually feed more and more data into the digitally rendered brain from all the different interactions with us. Absolutely fascinating topic! :+1::sunglasses:


well, the AI in emo is not in the questions but in the behavior changes, in simpler words, the way you interact with it will determine how it reacts to different things. For example, pretend emo is a dog, and you always hit it, he/she will most likely be more shy. Hope this answers your question!

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Yes, I know that already! :wink:

That’s exactly why I was talking about how the way EMO could be conceivably programmed with more logical behavioral system.

Also, I wasn’t asking any questions here…lol

Have a Good Day!

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