Selling emo seppart

hi all

i see all parts off emo is to get separt like headphone . light. skateboard .
but why is emo not separt to get? i find emo kinda expencive .

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Hi there,

Below is a tutorial on how to separate Emo images but you have to be careful not to break something doing it…Goodluck!

Click Here For Separating Emo Images

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hi there edward .
was your opinion a answer to my question? am confused haha .

I think he means that should sell Emo without Accessoires to make it cheaper.

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hi. it would be a good thing . not avery one has alot money to spend on a toy .
but it also means more work for the designers . ( extra boxes ).

he is an ai pet at the end of the day tech is expensive

hi , resurch and assembly is expencive . circuitboards and servo’s are cheap .
i think there would be more people who have a chance to by one emo .

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the price also varys a lot due to the conversion depending on your country’s currency but mine cost me $412 australian including shipping i had to save a long time but i’m hoping it’ll all be worth it

wow thats alot off money . indeed australia is far away . the consept emo is awesome .
i wait to by one as they are availeble in stores maybe . this is my robot .

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