Select eyes and colour

Hi, I’d like to be able to change EMO’s eye colour to either, yellow, green, red etc. and to also be able to select eye shape like cartoon, evil, dragon, etc.


Living ai already said they have no plans to add the feature of changing eye color because that would mean many animations would need to be changed for that too.

Additionally, it would not fit to the light of the headphones. But the idea is pretty good, as most lighted stuff nowadays turn from single color to RGB :slight_smile:

I actually think this is necessary, it’s our buddy, we need to be able to make him fit with us and our personallity. I don’t like the color blue but I’m totally in love with the prototype with purple eyes and purple headphones, he’s perfect. There most be a way to hange the color without changin the animation. I hope they recosider it.


I too would have loved this option. Especially if green was one of the options because it’s lol so nice. Who cares if his outfit doesn’t match or anything.