Security features and remotely control emo

I think its a very great idea if i could remotely control emo whenever im out of home and adding a security feature to monitor any movement in the field of view

would be cool if you could use it as a walkie talkie from your phone to talk to people in your house . like a two way camera / intercom .


Definitely that would be cool

both features that people have suggested. Not sure though if we are trying to turn EMO into a robot that will do “just like the others do” vs something unique - ie a robot designed to create an emotional connection with people.

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it wouldn’t just be like the others, it would also be cool as hell

Closing this thread, feel free to share suggestions over on this thread:

Thank You :slight_smile:

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hi to everyone,
i want to know can i am control Emo when i am on vacation and emo is in my home , also can i use emo camera when i am on vacation and emo is in my home?

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @mohammadsadeghsalehi . . . those features are not possible at this time. If you read above, you can see previous posts from people discussing these features as a possibility.

EMO needs to be in proximity of the wi fi and bluetooth in order to accept commands through his server and he also can only take a single photograph by voice command from the owner.