Search First Ask Second

Hi everyone. Let’s clean up and get organized.

When you have a question, please do a quick search first to see if your question(s) has already been answered. This will assist the moderator workload, thus reducing the need to combine repeat questions and/or close out unnecessary threads.

You can do this by:
1.) clicking on the magnifying glass on the top page header. :mag_right:
2.) Type your question in the search bar.
3.) Select from the drop down questions that are archived in this forum that may help answer your question. :face_with_monocle:
4.) Don’t see your question listed? Feel free to add a new topic.

Just a suggestion to help our hard working moderators.


It would be wonderful if we could FORCE a search BEFORE people were allowed to post, unfortunately that would be seen as the forums preventing people from posting.

I totally applaud your post and support it 1000000% :slight_smile: it WOULD make life easier if people searched for things before posting as 99.9999% of all answers are ALREADY HERE…

But we do our best. :slight_smile:


Great idea @hudsonsgirl78 :happy: !


This was a significant challenge when I was admining a community group of over 2k people. One way to improve this is to make pre assigned topics for people to best place their question/experience. I believe @Racheal123 mentioned something similar in another post. Seeing how this forum is operated by WordPress, how easy would be be to create those static topics?
Tip: Always have a miscellaneous category to gauge when new topic categories would beneficial to the community. Have a great day!


Yes this would definitely help :heart_hands:
Perhaps a polite mention of this to remind the community members that they can use the top search :mag: engine, every time they visit the forum/website, kind of like a pop-up box.


We recommend submitting a support ticket or contacting for faster assistance.

If you need to get LivingAI staff to notice your post in the forums, please tag @AmyLU for order issues, @VinceKong for after-sales service, and @Wayne_Zhang about product features.