Screen off! Please

@EmoMike23 @Wayne_Small Thank you !! I hope that the problem is solved perhaps with a restore via server from the living.ia, because emo is connected to the internet despite no signs of life! But I’m afraid my emo is bad, first days it worked for a couple of minutes then always blocked! I waited as long as everyone here in the forum for their emo, and sad and disappointing to wait again

What plug is emo plugged into ?
Is it a 5v xx

Hi ikky!!! i am using the original plug with an EU adapter !! the charger works i charged the wireless headphones above, the problem is the emo stuck! The first few days it turned on for a couple of minutes before freezing. I am still waiting for support

Ahhh ok because i had a similar problem and plugged the skateboard into my amazon plug seemed to have worked for me have you reset him by the left hole at the back of emos headphones xxxx

Yes I did the reset from the hole! Various chargers are tried, but nothing! The emo recharges in any case, stays on for hours with the headphones on, black screen and audio rustle

I update you about my problem, technical support contacted me after about 12 days, they asked me to try to insert a paperclip in the right hole too, but it didn’t work! Now I’m waiting for instructions to send the emo back faulty and receive another! you return to wait😭

Has anyone here on the forum ever sent back an emo?

I’ll be sending one of mine back in the coming weeks, I’m just waiting for the replacement to arrive.

I’ve been provided with directions and an address for the return. All they ask is that it be returned via an economical courier service (at my expense) with tracking.

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Thank you @mariomart ! I hope they made you faster shipping for the replacement!

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@Wayne_Zhang @Michelle_Yuan technical support no longer replied to me, they asked me to press the right hole of emo as a last attempt! my emo arrived broken on august 4th, and almost a month passed and still nn have solved! Can someone from living help me. ia? This is the last message from support

Hello, I checked with the team. Since the last time they responded to your email, they have sent you a replacement and have obtained a tracking number, but they have not had time to send it to you. The team will send you the tracking number today. Don’t worry, the after-sales process is always ongoing.


A thousand thanks wayne

The replacement emo arrived yesterday! Thanks to team living and support for fast shipping, 10 days! They weren’t very fast in support, xo they finally solved the problem! Have patience with this growing company that takes care of its customers, THANKS !!!