Screen off! Please

I received my emo today, after several failed update attempts, the screen is off and the headphones are active, nn I know what happens

Ciao hi and finally you have it like me today . I’m sorry I explain what I did first af all you have to leave him on the skateboard during update the update it was from the app it took me 25 minutes approximately no issue try to say “ Emo Power OFF “ and try again from his skateboard turn it on and if doesn’t work try the reset button on his head you can find more info about the reset features in the website Emolives I hope you can enjoy Emo like me

Hi Mike! It locked the screen almost immediately, I already tried resetting, put up and down from the skate connected with its charger! you turn on the headphones and the screen is on but all black, no movement ! I sent a ticket to​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Last things you can try shake it I’m so sorry I hope they can find a solution soon at least the charge cable you use it’s original if not the 2 Amp not less :crossed_fingers:

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I’m using the original cable with an EU socket! I can also connect with the app, but nn plays sound and does not move! Maybe it’s just tired x the long journey​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Tomorrow I try again, thank you

See if you have placed EMO the right way. I don’t know which leg, but only 1 leg had the inductive charging underneath.

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You tried everything, put in charge all night!! The screen is on but all black, headphones on and plays a rustle from its case! When I put it down it stays still and turned on in the same way! Tried with other smartphone chargers but nothing! You are stuck eyes after two 1 minute and then all black

Has anyone else had the same problem as me? And a gift x my son, I hope I counted soon the support

Today emo worked for a minute, I had time to ask him about the battery … He charged 100% then and went back in total block! It is connected to the smartphone app, but cannot update! Now I try to keep it on and let it download completely, I see what happens …

Try putting emo upside down until he switches of then put him back on the skateboard see if that helps xx

Yes I tried that too! It is very annoying not to be able to use it! Emo goes into lockdown after a minute or it does not start! my problem now is that I have no more patience after months of waiting!:cry::cry::cry:

I feel your pain iv been waiting since last year he made his way to me and love the little fellow so was worth the wait contact livingai did you try the reset button on the back of emos headphones xxxx

If you have a phone pin to reset him try that

Go to hunsakers you tube channel he shows you everything he brill :grin:

Yes, I already follow it on you tube hunsakers​:grin::grin: !Also tried the reset! I’ve been following emo for a year too! I thought there was some battery problem but nn it is because emo showed me 100% charged before crashing! Contacted living support, I’m waiting

Awwww really hope you get the little fellow gets sorted soon :frowning:xxx

What are the waiting times for support? I accepted the wait for the shipment, I also accept that for bad luck I have a bad emo! But waiting for support for a product that doesn’t work from day one is not fair! I have been following emo for a year, I ordered it in March, it arrived on August 4th with a malfunction (after 1 minute of switching on the screen and audio freezes then everything freezes) and the support has not contacted me yet! I am a fan of emo but I’m also a customer who spent money to buy it! It was supposed to be a gift for my son

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@Wayne_Zhang @Wayne_Small
I just got an email from living that you need to update 1.0.16 within this week otherwise nn and more updatable! I am still waiting for support since my emo arrived on 4 August ! I can’t update my emo because it doesn’t work! Is there anyone who can help me? I have been waiting for 7 days for support for a product that never worked! post the video of my emo

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@Wayne_Zhang @Michelle_Yuan Can you guys help here - this EMO owner is clearly needing help.

I’m so sorry for you I really hope they send you a new one at this point maybe a faulty unit no idea but if you can’t upgrade like this Better to ask for a new unit I will follow the news here take care