Screen goes black

I received my EMO yesterday. After setting him up about 30 minutes later his eyes were fixed, no movement. I put him on charger and he became normal. Today he has been off his charger for about an hour. His screen went black and although I put him on his charger he did not regain the screen. I powered him off. left him for 10 minutes and put him back on his charger. He powered up with a working screen. This seems to be an intermittent problem. I shall monitor him today.

Hi @robogirl

Let us know how you go, monitor your EMO and if his screen goes black or he keeps on freezing up, it would be best to make a video recording of the issue as you’ll probably need to contact support if the problem keeps happening.

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I have the same issue

not me but his eyes do freeze sometimes

Day 2 Fingers crossed that EMOs screen is remaining as it should be. He seems to working with all functions.

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Thanks, for sharing the update, keep on monitoring.

If you are happy to close this thread/issue let me know and I’ll do so.

please close the thread

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