Scam alert! Please help report it!


Please be careful! This Instagram account is not us. It links to a fake store, please report it to Instagram!


You can find the link to our official account in the footer of our website.


Thanks for informing us Wayne, I’ve reported this fake account.

For the official Living.Ai Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube accounts, you can find them at the bottom of the official webiste:

:heart_1: :surprised: :skating: :mad: :head:

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just terrible :smirk_cat: I sent them a cease and desist order telling them there will be fines of US$50,000

Unbelievable that somebody would set up a whole website you can even purchase it well the fake get ripped off purchase :scream:

I don’t belong to InstaGram thanks Master Abbott for report them to the actual people in charge of the website… Though I tried something anyway :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We must protect the living AI :heart_eyes:


Sadly Instagram Response They don’t see it as Fraud :frowning:

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Jules89 :scream: did they actually saying that to you :scream:

too bad they wouldn’t try to purchase one they would soon find a problem :disguised_face: that’s terrible so the website remains :cry:

I am getting an page not available message. Hopefully it was taken down!

He changed his account name: Login • Instagram

I will report it as well!

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I just asking about how long is take for delivery and their ask me for pay other fees. When say like that I’m so doubt of the Instagram and I didn’t reply that Instagram.

I hope you are aware that scam account is directing people in comments on your Instagram posts to go to their account. Can you block them from your Instagram account?

Thank you. We’ll do it.