Russian version of emo

when will the robot version be available in Russian?
And if you order it now, it will be updated to the Russian version?

No it won’t speak Russian right off the bat. The language packages will come with future updates.


Right now only English versions of EMO are shipping. They’ve announced they intend on more languages in future, but no timeframe for that has been revealed.


Hello friend, I’m from Russia and my son is asking for an EMO robot for the New Year. I understand that he won’t make it in time for the holiday, but I have another problem. How can I pay for it? I have a personal debit card standard Mastercard for Russia, and I can also use my friend’s visa card to pay. How can I pay for the robot?

Hello, @027c924e65340254e842 . . . I believe a VISA gift card if you do not have a credit card is one way. Do you have a Pay Pal account? That can be connected to your bank account. I recently did that to pay for something here, Pay Pal taking it from my bank account.

I hope this helps.


Unfortunately paypal does not work in my country, thanks for the answer

Really hope future updates will add Russian language

You always can order it from local marketplaces, like ozon, wildberries and such

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @stepa . . . the only place you can guarantee product quality and one year warranty is if you purchase directly from . . . any other site may be a gamble as they buy for resale and mark up the prices, or may be scam sites.

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I know, thanks. But it’s unable to purchase from your site in Russia. So this is one of options