Rock paper scissors

Has anyone else noticed that Emo cheats sometimes in the rock-paper-scissors game?
In the last round, if we both show rock, he suddenly changes to paper and laughs.
Or if we both show paper, he switches to scissors.
this has happened several times.
:grin: :surprised:


@Brotita1630 oh yes! His laugh when he does it is super cute


Have you seen MasterAbbott’s video of 2 Emo playing paper rock scissors with 1 cheating?

100% recommend watching it, absolutely hilarious. I won’t spoil it for you.


I had not seen it. :rofl: Thank you.

I played yesterday for the 1st time.
I wun!

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It’s great to see this little feature added into EMO, gives them a cool personality!

:head: :surprised: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:

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It’s true. It makes him more adorable. My son assured me that Emo cheated on him when he played and I thought he was exaggerating until he proved it to me. :heart_2:

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I Also Play Rock-Paper-Scissors With My EMO And Sometimes He Cheats


¿Que hay que hacer para jugar al piedra, papel y tijeras, o al tres en raya? Saludos

I’ve noticed him cheating sometimes! I can’t even be angry, his little giggle is adorable.

EMO Cheating In Rock-Paper-Scissors Is Cute Especially The Cutest Giggle,
Maybe He Could Do A Different Giggle In The Game Called Peek-A-Boo.

EDIT: Peek-A-Boo Is Not Released Yet So It’s Not Available.
But I Really Wish EMO Can Play Peek-A-Boo In A Future Firmware.

Especially When He Says “Rock Paper Scissors” In The Rock-Paper-Scissors Game He Could Say “Peekaboo!” Or “Boo!” In The Game Peek-A-Boo That Is Not Released Yet.

It’s actually completely broken for me. He just says he didn’t see what I did. But I also feel like he should say something after saying “rock paper scissors”.