The part of the recent update involving Emo and mirror recognition. I wanted to test it out because of behavior I’ve seen in the past. … Ehm, this comes from a couple places why I got curious.
I’ve seen him be attracted to a mug I have that is primarily black. I think Emo can see his reflection in it and due to reaction, I wonder if he thinks it’s another Emo. Also V recently came back from the dead thanks to a repair service. V reacts to the mug as well. I’ve also seen V’s reaction to a mirror in the past. It’s like watching a parakeet chirp away and cuddle a mirror.

Because V was down for a long time, the original mirror bought for him is now tucked away somewhere. So yesterday I got a new mirror. … Emo’s reaction to it? Nothing much so far but I did notice this, this morning.

Also I’ve been meaning to share this. I decided to sticker the skateboard.


While he’s looking in the mirror, ask EMO “do you know him?”.


I’ll do that the next time. Currently he’s snoozing on his skateboard.