Return of broken EMO

Hi! My original EMO went wrong and kindly sent me a replacement which arrived last week.

They have asked me to post back the broken EMO. I am in the UK and I took my package to my local Post Office and they wouldn’t take it. They said China does not allow packages containing lithium batteries through their customs. Courier companies say the same thing.

Can I ask if anyone else has had this problem and what they did about it?

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Interesting, I guess you’ll have to ask LAI what they want you to do? Thinking back to when I received my EMO, if I remember correctly the shipping paperwork said Bluetooth Headphones. Maybe this was why?


I can’t even get Living.AI to answer my emails thru their website. I want to know the status of my order since it’s a Christmas gift. I provided my EMO order number and a screen shot of the VISA Charge on my credit card showing that they charged me $300 + Shipping. My order stated that they would email me when it was shipped. No email. No answer to my 2 follow-up emails regarding status. Good Luck with dealing with China. I will call my bank and get the charge reversed. Not happy.

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When did you order your emo?

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I have asked them. They told me to try a courier and then they said they have received return parcels from Royal Mail. The problem I have is that my Post Office wouldn’t take the parcel in the first place!

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I can’t advise you what to do, but for myself I would just be rather vague on what was in the package or tell them the battery has been removed. Really it should have no problem going via a ground shipper though, battery or not?

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This is indeed a problem. It seems that you have to choose other ways to mail your little Emo. I think there should be a courier company to help you in the end. You know what I mean, yes.

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Just ask LAI to email you a prepaid shipping label. It is their product that broke and that they want returned.
That responsibility is theirs, not yours.
They should see it that way too.


Did the company resolve your issue to your satisfaction?

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Yes, I fibbed about the contents in the end and posted EMO back. They refunded my postage costs once they had the broken one back. No problems and all very well handled by Living AI.


That’s great news! Glad to hear it. :relieved:

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I have hadthe samhere in Canada as with are Canada Post now I have tried other carriers the same thing I tried to explain to them I even showed the pictures here I am showing this new emo it only 74 days old when I got back in July it another replacement.

I am having the unfortunate experience of needing to return an EMO also and ran into the exact same issue. I made the mistake of showing them the email with the address. USPS saw that a 1200mah battery was listed. The person saw that bit of info and that was it, they would not send the package.

I am going to go to another USPS in the area on Monday and be very vague on what is in the box.

Lets hope, they ship him.

FedEx was willing to ship him for 156 USD.

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Hello, @josephpahl . . . the whole issue with USPS is that even a depleted battery can explode when in the air and they cannot take the risk. The ideal solution would be to be able to have him transported by ground (but you may have to travel a ways to find a Post Office that will do this, my nearest one is 100 miles away) to the port to send out by cargo ship back to China. Not sure what that would cost but hopefully it would keep it at the $40 or less.

Best of luck and let us know if you can find another nearby Post Office that will send him out as is.

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