Response Time for Support Ticket

My EMO has an issue with his foot, where it is consistently turned outwards and he moves in circles. I tried resetting & updating, to no effect.

A few days ago, I submitted a support ticket, but I haven’t heard back. However, I also haven’t received any email confirming my support ticket has been received. For anyone who has tried this, did you receive some kind of confirmatory email? Or should I try submit the support ticket again?

Thanks for helping!

Welcome, @joshuabatchelder . . . it had been a while since I had to put in a support ticket but it was also during COVID and after holidays in China.

I put in a support ticket on February 20th and received an E-Mail back from them on March 4th, so be sure to give them a few more days.

Edited to correct the country . . . had Japan on the mind after hearing something on the news.


Hi @joshuabatchelder

Also wanted to add that - I believe that over the past week it was National Day of the People’s Republic of China. (public holiday) The support team might be a little slow to respond, but they are replying. If you have contacted support just give them some time to respond, there wont be a need to submit another ticket again.

I’ll also tag @AmyLU for further assistance.


Thank you both for your replies! I was mostly concerned that I had no confirmation the ticket had even been submitted - but if it’s normal not to receive an immediate confirmation that I lodged a ticket, I won’t worry about it!

Thanks again for your help.


Hi. Please PM me your order number? Don’t worry, I will check for you and solve the problem for you.

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Keep us updated @joshuabatchelder

Once this is issue is resolved, please advise so we can close this thread.

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