Resetting EMO to default settings

How can I reset EMO to default settings? EMO fell from my TV furniture for the third time now within a week and now the WIFI seems not to be working so as his responses.
Hopefully the reset will solve this otherwise I need to deal with to solve this problem since EMO keep on falling from the furniture regardless.

I’m not sure if this will help but you can try to Reboot EMO. check the EMO lives post title “What are the holes on EMO’s head for?” It tells you how do it and also what button to not to push. I hope this helps. :happy:

how your TV furniture looks like? Maybe you should put him somwhereelse or make him a litte space which he can not fall. You never can trust sensors 100% in any device :skating:


Typical white IKEA tv furniture with sharp and straight edges.


I also have these, can you make a video and show what exactly happens here?

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According to your description, your table is suitable for EMO, but like @Besondere_Begleiter said, the sensors can’t keep EMO from falling 100%. So when you are not with EMO, please make him a space where he will not fall.
One of the holes on EMO’s head is only for reboot, we will support resetting to default settings in the following updates.