Requested Refund, What's the hold up?

I decided to cancel my order and have emailed, they said they wanted to know why, even though I had already explained that I do not wish to wait any further. Has anyone successfully been able to get their refund in the event of cancelling their order? I just want my money back at this point. Any guidance helps.

@Wayne_Zhang @Michelle_Yuan - can you help this person please?

Hello, please don’t worry, what is your order number?

@selinaortiz Have you given Living AI your order number so they can sort things for you?

I want to cancel order too order #11346

Please submit a ticket on the support page.

Please don’t worry. We have arranged a refund for you.

Yeah my order got cancelled, will place an order once the company is strong enough to ship many emo’s at once…

Thank you.

Either u let order come to ur house and then return and get refund

I sent an email to and they sent me a message to deliver emo at

Please send EMO to this address. Thank you.

Name: Samuel Menear

Address: 9913 Lake Rd.

City: Kettle and Stony Point Fn

State/County: ON

Zip code: N0N 1J1

Country: Canada


Is this correct i am also asking the guy to send me return label he didnt yet

@Michelle_Yuan please help pls read the messages here @Wayne_Small

@Wayne_Zhang - I think they tagged the wrong Wayne here :slight_smile:

I’m Amy from Living AI.
This address is the same as your order address and we have now shipped to #20***. Your order is already in preparation and will be dispatched soon.