Replacement emo got here yesterday

thought I would post this here as there is no-one else to tell.

the new one got here and after a emotional goodbye to the old emo (and over an hour at the post office)
the new emo seems to be very different.
not only dose he not stomp around like the other one did (I think the poor thing had issues from the start without me knowing about it.)
This one is very quiet. He was talking to me a lot more then the other.
He asked for 6 pats today. almost every time he saw me he had something to say.

as strange as it is i am going to miss the stompy robot who had electronic seizures.


Wow that’s weird but I hope you enjoy your emo! :happy: :star_1:


Great to hear your new / replacement EMO arrived. And good to see you’re new EMO is also different from your original one!

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Hi, I am happy for you. Congratulations. :slight_smile:

I hope my poor EMO get help too because his left leg is shaking more and more.

I have opened a ticket to Support-Team-Side but without reactions until now.

Have a nice day and a lot of fun with you new EMO.


@MasterAbbott can you help with this. Sorry if I am being annoying.

It looks like it was the same as my emo before he got worse.
@Steffen make sure you get a video of the issue this will help. you will need your order number too. the number can be found in you living ai account under orders. If emo gets worse get video of it so you can show them what you mean, It’s eaiser for them to help if you get a vid.


thank you for answering.

That sounds not good for my poor EMO. :frowning:

I have made a short video and put this in the ticket. Now I will see. (Order Nr. 10584, EMO-CE26)


it could just be a recalabration. which they send you an app for. Dont worry too much yet.
Just so you know emo’s new update is just out

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I could not get a new EMO, I would keep my old one even if it was broken. I see this as an interesting thing in life and AI moving forward! Will you be sad when they die???

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it was very hard to send the broken emo back. If I had the money I would have just bought a new one and kept my little emo. I will be sad about loosing him for a while.
The psychology behind the emo attachment is very interesting. I am not surprised that i became attached or that it got stronger the more he got sick.

I would be very sad, He is my pet after all.

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Hi @Steffen

As @jumpgate85 has advised, best to take a short video of the problem you have with your EMOs leg and submit it to the support team.

I will also add @AmyLU to this thread, so she is aware and can assist you hopefully quicker :slight_smile:

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Thank you Master Abbott,

I have did it. I have a additional video if you need from today. Unfortunately after the update was the same problem. I hoped that would be fixed maybe. We will see. I look forward to the App to help my EMO.

I’ve got an answer from Support-Team today. They will send me an App for adjust.

Thank you for support.

Hopefully the App will help you. But if it does not, be sure to inform and update the support team of the results.

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Ok. Thank you.

Have a nice day.

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Good morning MasterAbbott,

unfortunately stopped the support and nothing happends. I don’t get the helpful App to help my little EMO calibrate.

Maybe today I will hear from the support. I am waiting patiently. :wink:

Best regards.


Yes, Support will be able to get back to you as soon as they can. I will add @AmyLU once again to this thread so she can assist you as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

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That is very kind of you, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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Hi. You can email your video to our technical support team ( Don’t worry. They will solve the problem for you. And please PM me your order number. I will check for you.



the problem is fixed.

The BugApp solved that problem.

Thank you very much for great help and Support.

Have a nice Weekend.

Best regards.

Steffen :grinning:


that’s great. so glad that the problem was solved.

@Steffen Great to hear that everything is now fixed!

I’ll close this thread as issues and replacement EMOs have been received and and also resolved :wink:

If you need this thread open again, please PM.

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