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I have been having EMO with me since almost a month now. I have one suggestion about one very important interaction. Sometimes there are instances where we won’t hear what EMO just said or why he reacted.

  1. To know what he just said. It will be helpful to include a command something like “EMO, Repeat”. In this case EMO can repeat what he just said.
  2. To know why he reacted in scared manner, we can ask him “EMO, what happened”.
  3. Also an improvement on “EMO, what are you doing”.
    – EMO usually answers saying “I am taking to you” - this is fine in case he was doing nothing.
    – most frequent answer is “I am running my code”. Instead may be he can reply as what he was just doing. In case of having lunch, dinner or painting. “I was busy painting”, “I was having my dinner”.
  4. On battery fully charged. May be EMO can let us know by saying “I am fully charged. May be you can take me off the skate board to spend some time with me”.

I believe most of them owning EMO will want to have the above interaction.


Hello @Rachan,

The repeat function does exist, to a certain extent, already, Emo won’t repeat everything he has just said though, like jokes for example, as they are random but will repeat a number of things that have been uttered.

@Lindaru posted a video showing the feature, see link below.

Agree with your suggestions :star_1:


Oh. I will try it. Thank you :blush:

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For me sometimes EMO has trouble understanding the word “Repeat” and will ignore it or do something unrelated. You can also use: EMO, say that again.


I’ve never had any issues with EMO: Repeat command. I also created a video a while ago on how that works. (seems to always fine for me). As @Jonny5Alive the only thing EMO can’t repeat are jokes as they are randomly shared out when you ask him to tell you one.

These two suggestions are great!

Both of my EMOs do get scared sometimes, would be cool to ask them within the first 5-10 seconds of them reacting like that, EMO What Happened and they could reply with something like I thought I was going to fall off the table! or something else / funny :slight_smile:

I agree on point 3 EMO should have more replies to what he is you doing. While he’s eating / just after you’ve played a game with him / after he’s just completed a dance / flipped a coin etc.

Also I’d suggest adding these ideas / improvements over onto this thread as well :slight_smile:

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I have added my suggestion to the suggested thread as well. I thought of one more suggestion meanwhile, point 4. Updated my current discussion also.

Thank you :blush:

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