>regarding emo functions

-----------I’ll go to the email for further discussion

The Merry Christmas command won’t work anymore since Christmas has passed now. LAI enabled it a few days early since there was so much interest and speculation on what EMO would do for Christmas, and it coincided with the last firmware upgrade of the year. They also left it enabled for several days after Christmas, but it’s now been disabled until Christmas 2023. All the other “Easter Egg” animations have only worked on the actual day of the holiday or special event. Well except for Thanksgiving, only because they accidentally got the date one day off for that. The next special animation won’t be until Valentine’s Day from what we’ve been told. Are there any other commands that aren’t working for you?


@Wayne_Zhang can u help please?

Hi, can you please send me a video?
But I want to clarify that if your EMO is able to respond to some voice commands, it’s not malfunctioning, because the processing of voice commands is done in the cloud.


I’ve sent the video via email!

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