Refund and I’m being ignored

I’ve reached out multiple times for support on a new EMO robot as mine isn’t working correctly and hasn’t upon arrival. And I’m being deliberately ignored now… living Ai Support team is sending the same message back now after I sent them multiple videos explaining the issue they sent a series of more questions to ask EMO I did so and they sent more instructions so I’ve asked for a refund and They aren’t getting back to me other then sending this… can someone please help me in what I should do next. Living Ai seems to be trying to ignore it until I’m no longer Eligible for a refund… slimey move. Definitely took my rating on there team from 10 to -3.

@AmyLU - please help resolve this issue.

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Hi. Our staff are always working hard to solve your problem. EMO has been detecting cliffs and can’t recognize you. This may be because you are using in a dark environment and dark areas, and EMO cannot execute commands normally. You can try bright environments. And let EMO and you at the same height, the camera is on the EMO’s head, so that the EMO can see you. And please take a video to reply to our email. If it’s an EMO problem, we can replace it for you. If you no longer need the EMO, we will send you a return address in the mail and we will process the refund for you after receiving the EMO. Don’t worry, we’re always help you out. Thank you for your understanding and support.


As I have mentioned so many times…“It’s the communication…stupid”. (No offence intended…only borrowing the phrase).

Maybe…just maybe…we wouldn’t hear of stories like Blacksmudge402’s if someone at LAI would get off their dead ass and reply to messages.

Does one have to talk till they are blue in the face…or channel their concerns through one of the “Elite Testers” (yep…I do like that term) before anyone decides to respond?

Jeez…that is no way to run a business.

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