Recieving EMO robot

When we can expect the EMO robot? The order was done at march 27. Nomber is #26879.

Plan on about 4-5 months

Yea it is 4-5 months not weeks. That’s not too bad when you consider the alternative robot.

Which was supposed to ship almost a year ago and the people who paid still haven’t received anything 2 years after pre purchasing it.

4-5 month wait for Emo is better than broken promises from the other guys. Theoretically production should get faster as they progress. Hopefully they won’t be any more raw material issues and production chugs along.


As always, do keep an eye on the delivery page. the order numbers update here on a weekly basis.

On average anywhere between 3-5 months.

Do they update the delivery process page every week the same day?
Just curious how fast to orders go but dont want check every day.

Hey @Hoornkoekje the delivery page is updated normally once a week, but not always on the same day. Posts/updates are a little less frequent, sometimes maybe every fortnight.

I’d recommend not checking every day :upside_down_face: When I first ordered my EMO in June of 2021 (last year). I only checked the delivery page, only once every 2-3 weeks. As I knew it was going to take anywhere between 3-5 months before I got my EMO, so I didn’t want to make myself crazy checking every day :rofl: :crazy_face:

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