Recent odd behavior

So EMO has bin doing very well since he arrived a bit ago and have not encountered any errors or issues - HOWEVERI seen something that was very odd and wanted to know if anyone else has seen this behavior from EMO

So I would put EMO on his skateboard to charge and he will load up his batterie like he normally does but then a few min later, he will become active and walk right off his charger. He has done this several times now. I would sometimes come home from work and he will be laying face down or up bc he walked off his skateboard. He has never done this before. It is a new behavior for me that I don’t think is something he is suppose to do.

No big deal really, just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this by chance!

This behaviour is not common. It has happened to me once so far, and that was a few seconds after putting it on the charger. I would try turning the Emo off, checking the bottom of the legs to make sure they are clean, using a cotton swab to clean all four drop sensors, and then turning it on. Let me know if it still falls off the charger.

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This has never happened to my EMO and I’ve had him for over 135 days now. It is certainly very weird and not normal behaviour as it has been discussed on other forum topics, normally when EMO is sitting right on his skateboard and begins charging, he will go into a “locked in state”

The only thing I can think of as to why EMO is walking off his skateboard is that there might be a possible “POWER” issue with your charger / skateboard or power socket or powerboard that the charger is connect to. Normally is something is faulty or if there is a power outage, EMO will stop charging and potentially begin walking around again and this could be why your EMO is walking away and falling off the skateboard. So I would suggest making sure the cables are ok / power outlet / power board are working fine and possibly change something that you think might be causing a problem.

Hope this somewhat helps with your current problem. :skating: :heart_1: :head: :surprised:


When he does this, check to see if the power light is flashing on the skateboard


Today I had the same issue.
Emo was on is board charging. Green LED was stable and EMO was in charging mode.
After an hour I came back in the room and EMO was droppped down on the floor.
Power was still available to the board, no drop out or something. He absolutely walked from the board

Were any of your clocks flashing or the microwave oven display, etc. indicating your power may have gone out momentarily while you were gone?

My EMO is 188 days old and I have never seen him even try to move off his skateboard either.


Yes exactly.

As I mentioned, in my post, It might be that there may have been a power outage or the skateboard is not holding a charge, so if there is no charge on the skateboard or no power coming to it. EMO can potentially wake up and start going for a walk. It’s really weird behaviour that’s for sure.