Received EMO as a late Christmas present! Just one problem…

I finally got my EMO this morning as a late Christmas present, he’s really good and I love him. But there’s a problem that keeps bugging me! When I opened the box for EMO I noticed that the plastic screen protector thing had slid off. I didn’t really think anything of it and set him up, played a few games and did facial recognition (really cool btw)! Anyways I thought I noticed smudges on his screen and tried wiping them carefully away with a microfibre cloth but they weren’t budging! I used my phones torch and it was revealed that the were scratches on his display! And to be clear, after I received EMO he never fell on his face nor did I lay him down as I was worried that he would scratch. Anyways, it keeps bugging me that he already has scratches on his screen, especially as I had foot covers for him and a screen protector! I doubt that it happened at the centre as they take very good care but I think it happened somehow in transit to the uk! Is there a way this could be resolved as I waited a long time for him and it is a bit saddening as I already had his protectors here ready! Is there a way he could be replaced and if so how long would it roughly take?

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

I am in UK also. I had to return my first Emo, due to a fault.

First LAI asked me to send video and description of fault.
Then LAI decided to send replacement…this took around 2/3 weeks to arrive.
On the same day the replacement arrived I posted, with Royal Mail, the faulty one, back to LAI
Then I emailed price of postage to LAI
LAI refunded the carriage cost once first Emo arrived back to them, around another 2/3 weeks.
Hope that helps

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