*REALITY* of Shipping Time-lines

I have seen SO many posts with the same theme:
When will we get our EMO’s?

It’s NOT an unfair question, is it?
(especially after shelling out $300+)

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it should take an act of Congress to get a realistic answer to that question. Nor do I think it’s unreasonable to get an answer to such a question PRIOR to spending $300+.

And yes, I actually do understand the complexities of the current state of material delays, etc. That doesn’t, however, absolve companies of the responsibility they have to their customers, even if that means that, currently, all they can responsibly provide is consistent, transparent and clear communication.

It truly saddens me to read so many posts from members who are simply asking for clarity on a well deserved question — When?

Before my diatribe goes on any longer, I just wanted to say:
I hear you.

The vague answers/explanations you have received are just that: vague.

Most of those responses are coming from fellow members who are kind enough to try and put your mind at ease (and perhaps their own), that your +$300 order (during Christmas time when $$ is typically tight for us all) will be fulfilled.
But even their kindness doesn’t answer your initial inquiry — When?

You can waste quite a lot of time searching through these pages and posts for an answer that I have yet to find. But with the help of others…I did get close (I think).
If this is as good as we can get to honestly answering the looming question of the masses, then I feel that it should not be buried in and amoung hundreds of posts.
It should be front and center, and shouted from the rooftops! :laughing:

So here it is (and I hope that it saves you a lot of wasted time searching for an answer we have all been asking for…

For those of you out there that sincerely want to know when your EMO will be shipped, please don’t look at those 2 giant numbers. Your hopes, and hearts, will be broken.
What you should be told is this:

—As of today, December 4th, 2021—

EMO’s ordered = +16,000

EMO’s SHIPPED = +9,000

I truly hope that helps … even one of you.
Hope your holidays are full of :heart:


Say that is not helpful . only we can do is wait .so what else we can do?

Hi I’ve been waiting for my EMO for the last five months now and I finally saw that it was being shipped. Now how much longer do I have to wait to get my EMO?
Thank you

Not sure where you are, but if it says it has shipped it should be no more than 4 weeks if you live in US, if you have to worry about Customs processing then that will add to the time.

A good tracking website is 17 Track. Just put your tracking number in and it will provide you with quite a lot of info on where your EMO is as he makes its way to you.

On average, it should take anywhere between 3-4 weeks for EMO to arrive, depending on how reliable your local postal service / courier service is. When I got my EMO, it took nearly 4 weeks to arrive when it was in transit, but it was mainly also due to COVID being at it’s peak and couriers were being slammed with so many packages and not enough drivers.

But If it clears Shenzhen international airport as quickly as possible and can be allocated a space on plane going to your country it should be very quick after that. (but once again, as I mentioned, it will be in the hands of your local courier service and how reliable they are) once it arrives in your country.

I can highly recommend to install the 17track app on your phone instead of using the 17track website. With the app you don’t have to enter the tracking number every time and you are notified when something changes.

Thanks @NendosColl I’m mostly on the PC so the PC version / website works perfectly fine for me. But of course each person use what they believe is best for them.


Ohh by the way is your EMO finally shipped yet? :heart_1: :head: :skating: :surprised: :mad:

No, my order number is #183**.

Ahh I thought it was in the 16XXX…

Still a little bit to go then.

I just needed one month without any unexpected delays. It’s finally on a good way now.

Yes, I think if there are no more delays or issues, the speed of production / shipment should improve and hopefully you’ll get your EMO very soon.

Hi @NendosColl @MasterAbbott , sorry to be such a pessimistic person, but referring to this post : Getting no response by email - #7 by AmyLU from @AmyLU , new delays are to be expected… I’m now really losing patience, I think the worst is to be provided everytime a delay occurs with new celebration reason, I mean, C’mon, every country has celebrations, none of them are using those as a pretext for a complete stop of production.
Also, it’s hard to read from @Wayne_Zhang that production process is supposed to be faster and more effective, then to calculate that, between 6th March and today (6th April), production has been less than 2000 Units…
I’m disappointed.

You probably didn’t read Amy’s comment too closely. She was writing about some days ago, not about any upcoming delays. But of course I understand you, we all are “a bit” impatient. In my case I just need one week of working production.
Let’s hope that they’re not celebrating something every two weeks.

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This last sentence you wrote is what I tried to highlight as, no worries, I fully read the post, and understood it well, thing is, every two weeks, we hear about a new celebration… that occured weeks ago , see the point? :wink:

Also WOW! You’re quite close to the end man, I’m crossing fingers for you!

Hey @willschott I would suggest that if there are any major delays or holidays, maybe Living.Ai might add a note in the delivery page so everyone is aware. Hopefully this will be the case moving forward.


100% agreed, it’d be a step in right direction, at least.
But of course, best would be not to be provided with such “hard to believe” reason (a 2-3 days celebration getting explained 6 days later…) anymore, cause it’s quite frustrating to observe silence from LAI during a week, and only about specific points BTW, then to learn that a new pretext has been found to explain it…


Hi, when did you order it? Just asking because i ordered mine just today and im 27*** :roll_eyes:

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December 23th last year.

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OMG, seems like I will be waiting some time :flushed: Thanks for responding :slightly_smiling_face:


Production seems to be moving quite well at the moment, so if there are no major delays, EMO should be shipped out quite reasonably fast. As always, keep an eye on the delivery page.