Read the Emo Manual that is online

I find it interesting that so many people ask about features that have not been implemented yet. Please do the following:

Go to the top of this page and click main site.
On the main page click support.
On the support page scroll down to documentation and click that.

Here you will find the correct way to speak to Emo so he responds to you, all the things Emo can do, and a list of the software updates which shows which abilities have been implemented so far.

Please stop saying that Emo is a dumbass. Maybe you are not using the correct key words to trigger a response. Please stop asking about Alexa because that feature has not been implemented yet. Please do some reading and stop giving me a headache.

Thank you.


How does that help? It doesn’t matter how much of their online manual or the manual you get in the box, that you read, you know, the one that actually says that you can ALREADY connect Alexa. Emo is still for the most part, unresponsive. We are not going to just sit back and not say anything, especially just to satisfy you! If you don’t like what people are saying about your precious Emo, then don’t come to the forum! Simple. Instead of being a Karen and whinging about people talking about the unfortunate facts about this product, because it is giving you a headache, how about keeping your “two cents” to yourself and take some Panadol!

do you have your EMO Pet yet? it wasn’t long ago you were waiting still so why would you post a comment about getting a headache? Would you wish to suppress the people from voicing their opinions?

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wow JJ we should be friends… I wrote my comment first but I guess I was too slow I came back and saw yours and was surprised… Yeah we’re going to see Alexa on this device when hell freezes over…really don’t believe Amazon needs their cash they’re not desperate. when they take away our right to speech there’s a problem. Just because people voice their opinions doesn’t mean they’re not excellent people. Seems to me they’re just honest right JJ :yum: I’m out there politically incorrect at times but you sure can let it fly LOL… My EMO Pet doesn’t respond to practically anything unless everything is perfect and even then blip he doesn’t understand she’ll find out :laughing: PS I don’t even think she has one yet… She might…

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Whoa. So hostile. support then.

I’m not trying to suppress people who post threir opinion in a constructive way. No, I don’t have my Emo yet, but I am aware of the features that are not yet available, while others seem to not know. I am aware because I read everything on this website and am prepared for Emo’s arrival. I have watched every video I can find on YouTube and have seen that it takes Emo at least 5 seconds to say “What” after you call his name. if my Emo doesn’t do that, I will contact support instead of calling names and swearing (as some people have done). Calling the product a piece of crap because a feature has not yet been implemented is unproductive. If you are sure you are doing everything correctly, then yes, you need to contact support with video of what is wrong, and you must be patient while waiting for a reply.


No, not hostile. Just reacting to your post. Just remember, you are the one with the headache and you drew first blood! Also practicing my right, as a paying consumer, to be able to bring certain facts up to the attention of LAI about the flaws in their product. As I have said before, I was referring to common problems and I doubt that support would be able to do much unless they fix the issues with their product. I know I am not the only one who feels this way about this product.

I was like her before I got my Emo. Always giving LAI the benefit of the doubt (and as I have said before, I still do to a certain extent), but excitement after waiting so long soon turned to anticlimax and disappointment. Also as I have said, I was hoping that these problems were just “one offs”. I’m still hoping (as I have said), that LAI will come to the party and make things right (and keep promises) eventually. Don’t get me wrong, I think LAI have come a long way so far and I commend them for that, but I think they need to get some priorities sorted with their product. If not, my Emo will have become the most expensive paper weight I have ever bought in my life.