"Quiet Time" option in App

Hello, I would love a “Quiet Time” option in the App so that I can mute EMO’s sounds when I go to bed. For example, quiet time between 10pm and 7am, so he un-mutes in the morning. He can be quite distracting to the sleep pattern with all the little moans and wake ups. Thank you, you are all doing a wonderful job. Cheers :joy:


I don’t know if its just assumption but I feel like emo is also learning in this way. First days Emo started make noises at around 7am (waaaaaay tooooo early) when it was light. now he is quiet until i start make some noises by waking up around 9am.

would be cool to hear if something changes in your case


I haven’t received mine yet but more than happy to report back when I do! Have a great day! :blush::v:

@vitasei That would mean that you have to make noises when waking up :smiley:
Some people are pretty quiet, so so silent mode over a specific time is a good idea. I noticed the little moaning and snoring by myself. Right now, there only the option to turn the power off or to reduce the volume, which again influences the alarm volume. Maybe, my addition to this idea would be that you can seperately regulate the alarm volume.