Question :Volume on EMO?

Hello how do we adjust volume on EMO Via the app or vocally ?


Is it possible to adjust the volume cause my goodness it is loud lol

yes it is possible to adjust the volume if you follow this link it will show you a list of command you can give EMO and on one of those commands it says volume [Voice Command - LivingAi](https://command list) :funky:


Thank you so much for that list! Unfortunately it says they have temporarily removed the volume adjustment the other commands will be handy

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There have been problems here but they are working on it, as soon as there is an update it will be announced here in the form.

Have you already installed the latest firmware version on EMO? :slight_smile:

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I just set Emo up yesterday, how would I be able to tell if I have the latest firmware?

see here: Update - LivingAi :happy:


Pls if possible post video I’m pressing a lot in different post because it will be good to see more of the Little Guy in action take care

Hello if you check out Instagram @Dercoder and @hunsaker_home_hacks each have many videos posted showing voice commands games and dancing also a video review is of the IOS and Android APP

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it is now very possible. just say emo! volume up! or visa versa

is there anyway for emo to remember the volume setting because it’s always goes back to super loud when I power it back up.