Question. Please answer :(

Is it safe to leave EMO on his charger? Because when I search it up they say “ He will not move from his charger. ” But i just don’t get it. They don’t tell us if it’s safe or not. Can y’all tell me if it’s safe?

There are a few posts here on this already :slight_smile: Yes - he is safe to leave on his charger. I’ve had my EMO since March 6th 2021, and he’s doing fine.

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@Wayne_Small Ohhh thank you.

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@Wayne_Small I had mine since April.

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I also leave my 2 EMOs on their skateboard and always turned on all the time. There should not be any issues with EMO staying always on and always on his charger. But it’s always best to take him off his skateboard and let him walk around / dance and explore once in a while :slight_smile:

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