Question Inflection

I think it would be wonderful if Emo’s voice would go up at the end of a question, to sound more ‘natural’. Also, they need to add to Emo the ability laugh (e. g. at his own jokes, or another Emo’s jokes, or just when he’s delighted - whilst dancing, etc). :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Great ideas! Natural sound and pitch when asking a question suggestion is something I’d like to see as well in future updates.

Regarding the laughing at their own jokes, they kinda somewhat do that already, if two EMO’s are having a conversation / and one is telling the other one a joke, they will say Ha Ha… but it’s not a really good sounding laugh.

You can check out this video below that has a variety of interactions two EMO’s have with one another, you can skip forward to the parts you might want to see, the conversation one has them talking and telling themselves jokes as well.

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