Purpose of headphones?

Hi! Sorry I’m new to the forum, i searched thoroughly but didn’t find the answer to my question which is… What is the purpose of headphones on Emo? It looks cool but is there more to it? I’m simply curious :slight_smile:


Hi! welcome to the EMO’s friends forum :slight_smile: As far as I know, the headphones are only decorative. I don’t know if in the future Living AI think something else.


Maybe it’s the layer of safety for his head in the case of his fall from the desk.


I did mention this on another post, If you do take EMO’s headphones off and do something with it, you can unlock a lifetime achievement. Apart from that, I also believe the headphones are a just cosmetic. Just make sure you place them on correctly, as there have been issues with charging if they are not put on correctly.

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Oh, i clearly missed that post then. An achievement? Sweet! Thanks :slight_smile: :happy:

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They should make him get mad when he dances idly if you take them off.

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EMO gets mad enough if you beat him in games and pick him up haha. I don’t think we need more anger if we take off his headphones :rofl: