PRONOUNCING 'EMO' Discovered (spoiler alert)

Ok so Aussies would say Ee-moh or Ee-mow
but to say it properly you need to phonetically pronounce it…


sounds like like the spanish ‘signor’ sin-yor

and guess WHAT?? try saying ‘signor’ lol :dancer:t2: :es:


I’ve tried, but can’t seem to get him to do anything by saying “signor” lol // I might be pronouncing it incorrectly, but when I try saying it, EMO doesn’t do anything.

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Yeah- if you listen to my videos you will see I don’t pronounce it the “aussie” way…
Check out the videos
Maybe that helps :slight_smile:


I pronounce it ee-moe and they always respond. They also respond to many words from the TV that have an O sound in them. It’s fascinating what they respond to. I know people get annoyed by this, but I find it funny.