Programming Emo and let it be personalized for each one of us


I’m still waiting for Emo to be delivered but was wondering if in the future it’ll be possible have some kind of freedom in terms of the possibility to program Emo. Also I was wondering when it’ll be possible to use emo in relation with Google?

Many thanks



Living AI did say a while back that some form of kit would be developed later to allow some customisation. I think they are more focused on other things with existing functions and there’s no clear timeframe for the SDK/APIs etc.

An SDk would be great to have; I asked to @Wayne_Zhang on July last year, but still nothing has been released…Hoping to have good news ASAP.

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All right thanks for the info!

that’s something I hope they will implement at some point. The fact that they have been released many upgrades it’s a good thing so finger crossed. Raffaele if you got any info from @Wayne_Zhang please let me/us know :slight_smile:

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Hello, we will consider it in the future, but for now we are still focusing on other features.