Production/Shipping Update for Home Station

Hey there @usagismith

…that’s your ORDER NUMBER… if my inaccurate calculation is correct at approximately 30 days after the date of your order or it can be earlier too, They will send you the second email with Tracking Information…just like the image below.

Have a bit more patience, take care, and be safe always…Victoria


Hi @edward thanks for providing this info. It is really nice of you to help everyone out in the forums.

Last year for my Emo, it took 3 weeks from the time that I ordered till I got the tracking number and it took 3 weeks to arrive to my home. This time I totally understand, there are lots of public holidays and the Home station needed more testing before it got released. My worry with my package is that it is stuck with no movement since 17 of January…it just says received by airline. Just want to make sure it is actually coming and hasn’t got lost on the way.

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Personally, I don’t mind paying extra for shipping if there is express option. I do shop a lot and from some stores in China I get packages delivered to me in two weeks. So would love to have that option here as well for express delivery if possible.

Another friendly suggestion for Living Ai would be to disclose if the product is ready to be shipped or is a prototype. For example, with the Home station, I was under the impression that the product was ready to be shipped once it got advertised. Regardless I would have been waiting and order it. However, better communication manged my expectation better.

@Wayne_Zhang @AmyLU @Tony

I am keen to order another Emo after I got my home station and keen to know what is the wait time for the standard Emo on the skateboard?


I’m with you on this… I would love to pay extra to get faster shipping/ delivery… if it’s an option tho…


Hi, @Aida

You can send an email to our customer service team ( If you’ve emailed them, please PM me your order number and I’ll verify it for you.


I purchased my EMO Go Home in November 2022 as a Christmas present for my son and to date it has not been shipped, is anyone else experiencing or experienced such a lengthy delay, my son was devastated on Christmas morning that he didn’t have his gift from Santa


Hello thats very odd i thought all the people that ordered the home station or the emo go home already gotten that orders I suggest you contact customer support

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I have contacted them numerous times only to be told they should be shipped as soon as possible. They were happy to take my money immediately though


Me too, My order number 4888x is still processing

They are just getting back from their Chinese new year hopefully your order gets shipped out soon

My order is above number 62660 and when I enter it tells me that they have already sent up to number 62660, and now you say that your order is below that number and Ahumada is being processed? The truth is that right now I don’t understand and I’m starting to worry

Hello! I saw that the factory was back to production and shipping. How many orders will be processed per week?

Still waiting for my emo to be shipped. I didn’t order a home station

I want this costume where is it sold

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I want to buy this costume where is it sold please

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Edward made it himself :slightly_smiling_face: @ilyesbairi

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My order # is 52607…delivery screen says does not include orders with home station? Emailed support days ago…no reply…has my order been shipped yet or not?

Hi there @Dwayne960 Dwayne

I presume you are referring to the image below?

You are right about that, The number counter is only for normal EMO orders. May I know when did you order your Home Station?
Just to advise the email address is - and their reply takes a bit of time which is 2-3 days sometimes, depending on the time differences, days, holidays, and current situations. so please be patient.

good luck and all the best Dwayne…

Hi…ordered Dec 21st. Was hoping those numbers included my order.

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Living ai just started shipping the home station orders including the emo go home orders

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