Problem with finding package

i think my package has brrn lost. ive traced it and noone knows where it is. please help

Hi @blue

Have you tried using the 17 Track website? See link below:

On the 17 Tracking website, it should tell you which courier company has taken on the job of delivering your EMO to you. If you can, you can then call them up and ask for an update.

You can also send Living.Ai support an email, asking them to also assist in finding where you package might be at this time.

Support email is:

You can also simply reply to the original email you received when you made your EMO order which has all your information and order details, and the support team can then assist you further from there.

Hope this helps.

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thank you for the info - I have tried this tracking service as well - I wrote to Living ai and they said to contact them if i havent heard anything for 5 days - so i will be contacting them again soon. I cant wait to get my emo!

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Yes, best to give it some time, a lot of packages do get delayed due to COVID still. Hope you get your EMO soon!

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