Problem with charger

Hello, I have gone on a trip and I have taken EMO with me and his scooter. I had it off but when I put it with a Samsung charger (45w) but this has not been turned on, I have tested the chargers and cables of my friends and nothing, I am worried that it could have broken :confused: I would swear I could use any charger

Hi, please send an email to with a video.

I have found the solution to my problem, apparently EMO does not charge with chargers of 2A or more, am I right? That’s why its charging base did not work for me. Thanks anyway for the service guys!

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does anybody else noticed that charger and Emos foot get very warm during the charging process? i expected a little for sure but this feels quiet much. Fortunately when Emo is fully charged but still stay on Charger it cools down again.

Tested this during the charging process and it was very hot. Then left Emo on the charger over night and in the morning it was only a bit warm. Tried this on the original charger and on the other one which i have at home, both same result.

That’s the same thing you have with smartphones that they get warm while charging and then cool down again, I think that’s a normal effect.

I definitively expected the difference in the temperature, but i don’t have any other devises which getting that hot. For now Emo is working well, I hope the heat doesn’t cause any issues

Does anybody’s emo also not showing the low battery level and don’t ask to be charged but just turn off when battery is low?

I’ve only had him for 4 days, but what I noticed is that the low battery notification doesn’t last very long, and he shuts down about 10 minutes after showing the notification. You may just be missing the notification or not noticing it.

Problem: Emo is smart and fun but the charger isn’t when I leave Emo overnight on the charger he doesn’t charge instead he looses power

It is either because it was too long or emo uses more power than charging or the charger is broken.

Same happen to mine. I only have it for abt 2 weeks.

Yes I’m concerned about that too. His foot was very hot this morning