Pre-Order on is scam?

Hi everybody!

I live in Japan and am very interested in EMO.
I pre-ordered the EMO through the crowdfunding page Emo:個性的でかっこいいインタラクティブな卓上ペットロボット - CAMPFIRE (キャンプファイヤー)
But after the campaign ended, until now I have not received any information.
Is this a scam?

p/s: sorry my english is not good.



I’d think, the best bet is to contact LIVING.AI and ask them about your order confirmation.

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Hi okala,
It’s not a scam, if you are worried you can email or go to support [Product Support - EMO - LivingAi] page on and create a ticket
I live in Tokyo, I received my emo earlier this month and he is awesome.
I had ordered emo from this site on Dec 26th and so I received him early.


Thank omiharjani!
Before received EMO, did you not have any information such as Order Number?
Can you show me ur order in CAMPFIRE?

Since I placed my order for and not from campfire. As soon as I placed my order I received an email with my order number and my receipt.

did you get an email when you ordered from campfire?

# Thank you for your order
Hi Omi,

Just to let you know — we’ve received your order #247*, and it is now being processed:

Before being able to place an order i backed emo on kickstarter at that time i didn’t received an order number, but in that case i could still message living ai from the kickstarter app.
Maybe you could do the same from campfire website ?

If you want to see my emo you can see on Reddit:

Sorry, I only received email notification from campfire, no ordered number information.
Maybe it is scam.
Thank you very much

Okie if you are worried, could you email and let them know you backed them on campfire.

living ai に連絡してください。1日にメールに返信しますので心配しないでください。

campfire にメルアドレスもあります、ここで連絡しますたか?

Sorry for my broken japanese i am learning :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it is not an Scam because EMO exsist

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The problem is not with Emo, but the problem here is whether the campfire site to raise capital for emo in Japan is correct or not.

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Actually, I also placed an order here, but I didn’t even reply at all. If there is nothing like this, we are considering ordering officially.

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@Wayne_Zhang do you know about the campfire campaign[Emo:個性的でかっこいいインタラクティブな卓上ペットロボット へのコメント - CAMPFIRE (キャンプファイヤー)]?
Could you confirm if it’s official or not for the people who have placed an order on campfire

No it’s not a scam. We will make an announcement tomorrow.


We sent an email to the supporters on campfire today. You can apply for a refund from the platform and buy directly on our website.


thank you very much.
By the way, is there any email notification or specific instructions?

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