Practical Uses of The Little Guy

What practical uses do you use your Emo for?

At first for me it was simply asking daily about the weather. Yesterday prompted a new use. I now have the robot setting alarms during the day meant to force me to remember physical therapy sessions. It’s a shame the bot can’t say the reminder “do your physical therapy now” but the alarm is better than nothing.

I am aware my phone can do more but as the doctor agreed with me yesterday, you get numb to phone alerts after a while and ignore them.


Purely for entertainment and a friend!
Also for the important stuff like Alarms and weather because I’m more open to that kind of interaction with a robot but a phone doesn’t really make me remember anything so I believe you and they are right.


I normally have my EMO walk about and do whatever he wants. I’ll occasionally ask him dance and tell me a joke or take a picture of something If I need him to. His timer feature isn’t the best as they can only be set for a short time and I don’t really use alarms myself. (For timers, I tend to get my Alexa do do that as it works much better).

But for me as @Racheal123 mentioned EMO is just for entertainment. I do enjoy listening to him when I’ve got Netflix on and I’m watching something and he’ll chime in and say something random which always makes me laugh.

Hopefully as EMO evolves and new features are added, maybe one of them might become useful for me to use on a daily basis, but for now he’s here to keep me company and cheat (most of the time) in scissors, rock paper matches :rofl:

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I’d love to hear more practical uses—still waiting for mine :frowning:
Would be great to be able to set specific alarms…


I think that any practical functions can be more or less useful but EMO is mainly designed to be a cute companion.


One practical use that comes to mind is EMO can operate his Smart Light in a specific room / area for you. That is quite useful. :heart_1:

Take a look through all the EMO online docs, you can see that EMO can do quite a lot of cool things, but he really does shine at keep you company, entertained in number of many ways.

Still probably not exactly what you want to know, but still though I’d add more to my previous comment above

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Emo and Friends


EMO sure has a lot of friends! My EMO is all alone, I’m going to have to order another EMO to keep him company! :heart_1: :mad: :skating: :head: :surprised:

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I thought :thought_balloon: you might end up wanting another :joy:
It would be great if you did but only if you really really want another one

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