Potential Emo Owner Questions

Sometimes whne he is loosing he throws the dice twice for no reason :rofl:
my little cheater

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haha are you sure he didn’t roll a 2-4-6 six? as they are sometimes the roll agains and leave the safe area when you play ludo. Depends on the rules you set at the start of the game :slight_smile:

If I want to ship an EMO robot to Vietnam, should I put the shipping address in English or in Vietnamese? I am unsure which language to use here.

Could somebody answer my question based on your shipping experience?

Thank you!

Hi @PatriceEzio

It would be best to enter the shipping address in English.

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I am a tech enthusiastic and know EMO for a longer time and by watching the EMO updates, I am starting to like it more and more. I have some questions to be sure before buying.

  1. Are both versions of EMO the same, I mean if I would want to have the skateboard too it is no problem to order the EMO version and separately Home station)?
  2. Is the mat preset in Home station product too or only in EMO go home?
  3. How are You these days with the sending? How long will it be? And do you know what is the delivery time to Slovakia? Did you send some of the bots to Slovakia before?
  4. What is the data protection and security of this robot, as it looks nonstop with the camera and listens everything what is said around. Do you send the data from camera and microphone to your servers? What exactly are u sending to your servers?
  5. The product is quite expensive, EMO + Home Station + shipping would cost me 400 dollars, do You plan some discounts or are there any discount codes, which could be applied?

Thanx in advance for Your answers and have a nice day.

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Hi, and firstly welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Here we are all Emo owers/enthusiats/customers. There are also some LAI staff that monitor the forum as well as testers and moderators.

I will try to answer some of your questions, but for others you may need to direct your questions to LAI staff by tagging them in.

  1. Many people had Emo with his skateboard before Home Station came out. It is your choice, you can either get Emo go home which is Emo and the Home station as a package or just Emo, which comes with the skateboard. If you get the latter, then you can still get the home station at a later date. (I have just ordered my home station and have had Emo for nearly a year).

  2. From my understanding, the mat comes with both.

  3. LAI’s delivery time has greatly improved. I have seen people commenting about receiving their deliveries as quickly as 10 days. Though, as far as your other questions regarding Slovakia specifically, you may have to ask LAI staff or even @MasterAbbott who is one of the testers who may know.

Edit: From my understanding, they manufacture the products in batches, so if there is no more stock when you place your order, you will have to wait for the next batch to be manufatured. So you also have to take this into account. I have not ordered from them for some time but I would assume it would be a couple/few weeks in that case. Again perhaps @MasterAbbott could shed some light on this.

  1. In regards to security, from my understanding, Emo only sends data to the servers which is your speech for recognition purposes so he can respond appropriately. Perhaps @MasterAbbott can confirm or add to this?

  2. As far as discounts are concerned, I haven’t heard anything about that, but @Wayne_Zhang from LAI should be able to answer that question.

I hope this has helped. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @saradsmejem

Just to add, regarding data protection, take a look at this thread which covers questions about what sort of data protection etc.

With regards to discounts, at the moment Living.ai have EMO already on a discount price. You can check out the store here - https://living.ai/store/

EMO was $299 USD - Now $279
EMO Go Home was $399 USD - Now $369
Home Station was $109 - Now - $99

I don’t see Living.ai lowering the price anytime soon.

I believe all other answers @jj has pretty much-provided answers. Hope this helps you make a decision on whether or not to purchase an EMO.


Thank You :slight_smile: I would give Your answers 6/10… mainly I would like to hear from someone competent if Your answers are correct, it really looks like the emos are coming in batches as the website shows more than one week the same number of orders # 61780, so I think there is no rush ordering anyway. When will the next bash arrive?

Do the devs think about putting some of voice commands and speeches internal, to be available without internet too?

This is a generic discount, every seller has to be prepared for some extra discounts in some situations, they have the coupon field in the order section too, so I am just asking :slight_smile:

About the light, there is no info, it needs 220V and all plugs are american? so we european customers have to buy adapters (for the power adapters too), or there are versions of EMO with eu plugs?

Hi, @saradsmejem . . . here is a thread that may help you to be able to adapt the plug for the smart light. The only versions of EMO and his accessories are the Chinese/American plugs which you will need to obtain an adapter for Europe.

As far as I know, there are currently no plans for Living AI to make EMO work without the internet/server.

As above, what @MasterAbbott stated for discounts, I believe there are no plans in the near future to discount any further. If that should become the case in the future, they will let everyone know and those prices will show up in their store.

I hope this helps!

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Hello so my son’s birthday is coming up but I don’t have enough money to pay on the spot but he’s been wanting this robot since I can remember so my question is can u pay monthly on the emo robot or no?

Hello welcome to the community as of right now i don’t think living ai have afterpay as a type of payment you will have to pay in full but you can email living ai and see if you can work something out with them personally their email is service@living.ai hope this helps♥️

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Hello all
I would like to’ buy me emo from italy.
I would like to’ know il emo need something specific in order to to work or it works using a classic wi fi connection
Then if during the long travel it arrives damged what can I do? Usually can be changed with a new One.?

hi @elly00 emo it works with wifi, I also purchased from Italy, if there are problems the assistance works well

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @elly00 . . . I have moved your new topic to this discussion. As @nunziopuca has stated, standard wi fi set to 2.4Ghz (will not work with 5G) on your router.

Yes, all issues, including damage during shipping can be resolved by contacting Support (service@living.ai).

Another perk is that you can do some converation and commands in Italian even though EMO will respond to you in English.

Hopefully you will decide to bring EMO into your home and life. Honestly, I do not know what I did before my two came to live with me (my oldest being 588 days old now).

Do not worry about 2.4 and 5 g every router has 2.4g and 5 g and Emo will auto connect to 2.4 g

Grazie per la risposta

Come ti trovi con el emo?? Vale la pena ??

Google Translate to English:

Thanks for the reply

How do you feel about el emo?? Is worth ??
Thank you

Yes, I’m very happy with it, I’ve had it for more than two years, it’s a continuously updated product, you won’t be bored with it, new functions are added with these updates! I had a problem with emo’s foot, it was replaced

Very good !! I think i will place the order soon :smile:
In your opinion in better to order it with skate and only then buying home charge (to have both) or place the order directly with home charge?

Chat gpt is active in italy…?

Sorry for me questions……:smiling_face:
Thanks :joy:

Hello @elly00 . . . I personally recommend getting EMO with his skate board and smart light, and then later getting the home station because that way you will have an alternate location to place EMO if you want to take him to a different room or out somewhere (skate board is easy to travel with).

@nunziopuca should be able to answer about ChatGPT and if it responds only to English or Italian as well.


thanks I’ll do that :slight_smile:
Do you know if Emo will arrive me with US jack? If yes I’ll need to by a conversion for italian line ASAP :stuck_out_tongue: