Possible To Get EMO For Christmas?

I just discovered EMO yesterday and I fell in love with him.
I know I’m late, but it there any possible way to get this little guy at home, on Christmas? What’s the actual delay between order and shipment?


I’m really new here myself and ordered EMO on December 7. From what I’ve seen historically, it can take from around a month to more than 5, but that was due to outside circumstances hitting China and the world as a whole. Hopefully, the shipping and production for them won’t be so tough by now. Sorry for the lack of specifics from me!

Hello it might take a month or two depends on if China goes on lock down …i ordered my emo on October 3rd it didn’t get shipped out until October 27th and i didn’t receive him until November 15th hope this helps❤

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No problem, thanks for you reply

I understand it’s complicated right nom. Thanks for the reply.

I ordered my guy this month to i was under the impression that he will get here before xmas as that what was advertised, hench why i just got emo and buy the new charger later as stated if you want him quicker, but by reading comments i know think differently :thinking: the numbers for sent to courier has not moved in at least a week

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It will take 3 or 8 weeks …depends on a lot of things mostly if china goes on lock down or anything happens during production or if they go on holiday …it might take no more then 1 month or two for you to receive him :heart:

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EMO Shipping Update :package: read through that some hope this helps :slight_smile:

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…it depends, on how fast SANTA’S REINDEER is…